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3 Place du Général Catroux 75017 Paris, France

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The Absolute Antivirus Solution (A.A.S) by Edouard Ivari

Since December 2019, researchers around the world have been searching for a vaccine to fight COVID-19. During 2020 countries around the world witnessed that in the absence of any effective method to stop the spread of COVID-19, confinements would be the only partial solution to fight against this virus. Unfortunately, the ban on free movement and travel has been having devastating impact on the global economy and well being of the societies.
During 2020, World Health Organization (W.H.O) announced that vaccination should be the strategic long-term solution to fight the spread of COVID-19. However, no immediate solution introduced with the ability of fighting COVID-19 right away and stopping it instantaneously.
Edouard Ivari, a renowned international researcher, who has developed and registered numerous inventions for more than thirty years mainly in the fields of medical and aesthetic science, saw this as a global grand challenge and started an extensive research program to examine the characteristics, structure, and the behaviour of the COVID-19.
He soon discovered that the family of COVID virus could easily mutate and shape new virus and new challenges in future. With that in mind, Edouard Ivari focused his research efforts on a solution that is effective against a very wide range of known viruses and many possible future mutations of these virus.
A.A.S is a patented and a revolutionary invention which has the capacity to permanently neutralize all kinds of known or future new virus mutations. This invention works by an active diffuser which completely purifies the impurities, microbes, parasites, viruses, and any other germs suspended in the air which could be inhaled into the respiratory system. This technology does not use ozone gas, ultraviolet or any other harmful radiation for its operator.
A.A.S is also designed to be able to synchronize with several diffusers to serve many users simultaneously in an airplane, train, etc. A.A.S independently monitors each user’s pulse and then adjusts the air injection level if a lack of oxygenation is observed or when a user requires more oxygen, humidity, or different air temperature due to higher level of physical activity.
Edouard Ivari is particularly satisfied with the test results and the overall performance of the A.A.S and is planning for worldwide commercialization in the second half of 2021.