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Los Angeles Magazine March 1997

            (Page 63)



Los Angeles Magazine March 1997/ Page 63 (Full Page) :
“Your hair is my concern” -Edward Ivari
Intra Dermic MicroPoint
A definite solution
This innovative technique gives you the hair that nature deprived you of.
Through micro-incisions, the micro points are placed under the scalp. Three weeks later, the micro points already to receive carefully selected 100% natural donor hair for distribution on the thin or balding areas.
I.D.M.P. begins at $60,000.
Microcylinder Intervention
This patented non-surgical procedure restores your hair to desired volume. Exclusively performed at Ivari International Centers.
This procedure utilize micro-cylinders, through which additional strands of 100% natural hair are added until the desired effect is reached. You are free to swim, shower and brush as often as you wish.
this procedure was avant-garde in 1986 and remains so as no researcher has equal or surpassed it.
Microcylinder Intervention begins at $20,000
A preventative scientific analysis of your hair and scalp. By studying the capillary cycle Ivari researchers can obtain the ratio ratio of hair loss to hair growth, determine vitamin deficiencies and based on the results, recommend a treatment.
Microcapilography and 6-months customized treatment is $2500.
For additional information and to arrange for a private consultation contact an Ivari Center
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