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Edward Ivari's Biography

Edward Ivari was born in 1949 in IVAR, a small village which up to 19 century belong to his ancestors, in Iran.
Passionate about biomedical engineering research, he moved to Tehran at the age of 18 in order to continue his higher education.
Incidentally Edward Ivari being contacted from his hometown, by the family of a burnt victim, who had suffered over 10 years from a scar on her scalp. The scar was a big burnt spot with a thin skin without hair. That happened to her when she had only 4 years old.
Her family contacted Edward Ivari just to help them to find a physician in Tehran who could end their daughter’s moral sufferings by replacing her hair.
In the beginning the question seemed so easy to Edward and he accepted with joy to find the best physician for them.
Curiously soon Edward Ivari discovered that there was not such a specialty in medical filed!
Edward Ivari found himself in a impasse from the time he understood that was the question of death and life for the young girl, so he had to hide the bad news and try to find a positive answer to them as soon as possible, since the young girl was psychologically very fragile.
Edward Ivari, perfectly understood that without considering the number of one’s who suffer from injury scars and the burnt victims, there are a significant number of women and a very large number of men around the world, affected with the hair problems and total or partial hair loss.
Very concerned by aspects related to health and the problems of others, particularly to burnt scalps Edward Ivari decided to dedicate himself completely and initially in order to be able to seek the best solution capable of providing a lasting solution to hair problems which affects so many peoples around the world.
After his first researches and thanks to his interest in biomedical engineering field he developed in 1968 his unique and relevant solution.
This technique consisted in taking existing roots of the hair of the concerned person to implant them again on bald parts of the scalp of the same person.
This technique revolutionize the world of hair surgery which will be called later Hair transplant or Hair implant.
Nowadays the same technique is using under FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation ) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).
Although this technique still extremely widespread throughout the world, it had disappointing or even mediocre results for patients with serious burnt spots.
However the incompatibility of this technique for burn victims did not deter the young inventor.
Quite the contrary, he continued and after additional researches, Edward Ivari succeeded to invent ERC (External Root Connections) in 1969.
ERC (External Root Connections) was and actually continues to be adaptable to burnt or thin hair spots.
These two successive inventions encouraged Edward Ivari to found in 1969 his first Hair Center in Tehran.
This unique Hair Center had a tremendous resonance and attracted patients from all over the world and allowed Edward Ivari to invest even more in his research laboratory.
His research laboratory was undoubtedly the most successful and sophisticated of the time where he was able to continue all his researches in terms of innovative products or other processes and solutions to fight and eradicate all forms of baldness.
Taking advantage of extremely positive results and strong growth in income, Edward Ivari decided to continue investing in research in order to satisfy his researcher spirit and by revealing other inventions to the world.
At the same time, he decided to engage in individual sponsorship actions in order to support students in need of financial support, business creators, engineers looking for new solutions or innovations and even families in financial difficulty.
These patronage actions were symbols of the great generosity of Edward Ivari, who has always wished to invest most of his income and profits in the continuity of his research but also in patronage.
His successes and also these patronage actions have allowed Edward Ivari to gain international fame and visibility and have enabled him to set up his Hair Centers in certain prestigious cities such as Paris (Place Vendôme), New York (Trump Tower) and Beverly Hills in California (S. Rodeo Drive Avenue).
Edward Ivari has gained worldwide fame, audience and clientele by treating well-known and influential patients. Henceforth Edward Ivari known as “King of the hair”. However he knew perfectly well that research could never slow down.
Being encouraged by a famous Prince in the Middle East, a former client who had become a very close friend over the years, Edward Ivari in 1996 decided to expand his business to the Middle East as well and he created his sumptuous hair center in Middle East.
Two years later he created IVARI Club International which had 21 different departments in the most prestigious location of on a 100.000 ft.² brand new and high standard beautiful building.
Ivari Club International met with extraordinary success which made Edouard one of the most influential men in the region
However Edward Ivari, definitively left the Middle East in the spring of 2003 towards the West, abandoning all his huge investments and the fruits of his efforts behind him.
An interesting book will be out soon. A true story from his five books, each related to one period of his life.
Henceforth, Edward Ivari decided to concentrate on his hair activity and researches even more intensively.
He activated his research and developed new inventions in the health, medical, paramedical, cosmetic and hair fields.
Among his latest patented inventions, we can count five most important: the first in the hair field with a light surgical operation called Root Connection and four others were carried out and registered at the INPI in 2020, constituting the most effective instrument linked to the world’s biggest current health problem COVID-19.
An absolute solution capable of protecting every human against any existing or future virus and represents the culmination of many years of work.
This invention is now taking on a completely new and current dimension as a result of this global health crisis.