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3 Place du Général Catroux 75017 Paris, France Phone: +33 (0) 142868200
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3 Place du Général Catroux 75017 Paris, France

Phone: +33 (0) 142868200
WhatsApp: +33 (0) 624974751

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In-House Consultation

In-House Consultation

What a consultation means to us?!

To Edward Ivari a consultation is not a face to face contact to sell any operations or products.
In a benefit-full consultation the first and the most important mission is to inform the interested party from the immediate and future problems, dangers, side-effects and consequences that he or she may face.
The second important thing is to inform them from the best exiting solutions which match their case.
In Ivari, our care and secrecy maid our reputation to say « your hair problem is our concern » and your priority, your benefits and satisfaction are important to us.
You can book your In-house, Out-house or Online Consultation appointment any time by phone or simply by feeling up the form below.



Ivari’s In-House Consultation

By your simple inquiry we can book your In-House Consultation, which will take place in our Parisian center.
In approximately 45 minutes we will analyze your hair and scalp which will allow us to recognize the causes of your hair loss and recommend most appropriate solutions.
In the same session we will inform you from the risks and bad outcomes of non-recommended solutions which could bring you an undesirable result immediately or will lead you in duration of time to experience a drama of a hair disaster in the future.
The choose of the best existing hair solution for each case can not be based on a good result on someone else or trust to a good specialist or a physician.
This kind of decisions need the knowledge and honesty of your specialist  who regardless to it’s benefits and losses, guide you on what really match your case.
For your information in majority of cases the best result can be realized only by combination of two or more procedures and because of our expertise we will be able to advise you about how to synchronize these surgical, nonsurgical or combination of both procedures together.
In case we are not able to schedule your full intervention in Ivari centers, or you want us to recommend you somewhere else, we will be more than happy to guide you to the the best physicians worldwide.
Such a consultation will cost you $250.
To get your consultation appointment please call or email your information.

You can use our link below to give birth to your new hair quickly