I would like to thank you for the interest you have taken in IVARI’S techniques. Working with clients for around thirty years has taught me a lot about their needs, their desires and their preoccupations.
I have devoted my life to seeking the best solution for each client and at the same time preserving their intimacy. Today, I can offer you techniques that are renowned worldwide. In order to bring these techniques to perfection I have personally chosen and trained our specialist teams who have charmed even the most demanding personalities of this world!
The IVARI web site will give you answers to most of your questions. However, we will need to examine your hair and scalp to decide which technique is most appropriate. Details of all IVARI centers can be found on the web site.
However, if your timetable will not permit you to visit the IVARI center nearest to you we will be happy to meet you at the place of your choice.
I thank you once again for your interest in IVARI and look forward to advising you soon.


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" Founder and President "