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 Intradermic Micropoints Procedure

  Reaffirming his genuine concern for his clients, Edward Ivari's most recent innovation, the INTRADERMIC MICROPOINTS, surgically provide IVARI's clients with additional hair. The IVARI Micropoint, which is placed under the scalp, is the basis from which the new hair will be anchored.

This permanent procedure provides our clients with natural, healthy and beautiful hair from donors so that the client's hair can reach optimum density without reducing hair volume in other areas of the scalp.

Prior to performing this procedure, samples of your hair are taken from three different areas of your scalp for microscopic analysis. These tests will determine the hair physical characteristics including the degree of waviness, thickness and color. We then select the finest natural hair which closely matches your own.

This completely undetectable procedure consists of a two-fold process. In the initial session, the Micropoints are implanted. In the second session which takes place a few weeks later, the implants are ready to receive the new hair.