Important events of the last 30 years
1969 : Creation of the IVARI Society.
1970: In order to improve the stability and assure the practicality, he develops a fixed replacement technique for the first time. The advantage is that it uses the person's existing hair in the form of an ultra fine plaiting.
1972: Creation of the first Technical Laboratory where analyses and preparations are carried out with the greatest of care.
1976 to 1984: During these eight years of non-stop research, he greatly improves his capillary reconstruction techniques.
1985: Establishing to Ivari Center, Place Vendôme, Paris.
1986: Edward Ivari perfects the Microcylinder Technique which he patents internationally.
1987: The worldwide success and the increasing number of clients lead to the opening of another
Paris Center on Avenue Foch
1989: To meet the increasing cross-Atlantic demand, the American Center opens its doors in the city of the stars at 145 South Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. In order to maintain a consistent atmosphere, this center is decorated in the European style which is so much appreciated by the international clientele.
1992: Admired by business people round the world, New York's Trump Tower welcomes the American-scale Ivari Center.
1993: Creation of the state-of-the-art Research and Analyses laboratory where Edward Ivari continues to develop and perfect his techniques.